Sequencer + Synth

Proof of concept compiling libcinder and PD in harmony. Step sequencer with tempo and glide controls, and a delayline with delay time, feedback, and mix.

Controls from the top down: Tempo, Glide, Delay Time, Feedback, Delay Mix

PD Sequencer Patch

PD Pitch Delay Patch

Limiter and Stuff

Worked out of CDG today.

  • Scene elem transform
  • Began implementing tap recognizer
  • Tweaked ripple effect
  • UI Toggle Element
  • Added audio limiter to solve clipping issues

Cleaned up some of the PD patches:



Delay Controls

Tape Delay

Audio limiter


The beginnings of Seaquence iOS. Cinder + Pure Data.

The first thing we did was build a simple sequencer interface that talks to Pd. Synth timing was integrated from the beginning.

Lines on the left side are hacked in parameter sliders.