A beautiful and playful multi-voice synthesizer.

Seaquence lets you create and share musical compositions
of swimming creatures in a spatialized mixing dish.

Each creature has a voice and a sequencer. Only the
closest are heard as they swim around your view,
creating a layered and non-linear composition.

Seaquence's interface allows you to create a range of musical
and sonic characteristics, ranging from ambient drone
to intricately layered rhythms.

Save your sessions. Post and share them.

Explore the Seaquence galaxy to listen what others
have shared to get inspired.

feature list


  • Polyphonic synth engine
  • Dynamic spatial mixer and stereo-panning engine
  • Up to 5 note polyphony per voice
  • Up to 8 voices can be heard simultaneously (user settable)
  • Up to 64 unique voices in a composition (only the closest voices are heard)
  • A true multitouch experience, up to 11 simultaneous touch points supported
  • Intuitive visual multitouch voice editor
  • Unique swimming physics and swim behaviors — swim patterns are based on synth and sequencer parameters per-voice
  • 16x16 multitouch step-sequencer matrix
  • Radial chromatic scale editor with octave
  • Amplitude envelope generator + length (ADSR+L) with curves and hold
  • Precision, sample-based clock and sequencing engine
  • Variable tempo, supporting 1 to 360 BPM with tap-tempo.
  • Global session transpose
  • 5 waveform shapes: Square, Saw, Tri, Sin, Noise
  • Save your own session presets
  • 30+ included session presets
  • Landscape and Portrait orientation
  • Social sharing features - post and share links to sessions
  • Session links are maintained — trace back the history of a composition, see who remixed a session
  • Audio and Video recording and export using Apple ReplayKit. Share performances!

unlock all features of Seaquence for $9.99 USD

  • Per-voice state-variable filter with morphable hi-pass, band-pass, lo-pass, and notch modes
  • Filter attack envelope generator with resonance (Q) and curve
  • Swing/Shuffle
  • Step length subdivision: 1/1 to 1/64, including triplets
  • Portamento/Glide with curve editor
  • Additional monophonic voice modes: Sub-Oscillator tuned to a 5th and Detuned Unison
  • Stereo Delay effect with independent free or quantized delay time, feedback, and individual voice fx-send for lush, spacial delay effects
  • MIDI notes i/o per voice
  • MIDI cc i/o per voice
  • MIDI clock sync
  • Assignable MIDI notes/cc/clock in/out per MIDI device
  • User-adjustable MIDI Latency
  • Optionally enable/disable Audio engine when using MIDI